Thursday, July 31, 2014

~ What's Your Mask ~

  There is something so intriguing as a face mask. Call it the romantic in me, but I remember having my first crush on Boba Fett as a young girl. That mask. How dare he hide his face, and at the same time I loved him for it.

  This deep rooted yumminess of mine I have carried throughout the years. Oh the delightful mystery that surrounds a face mask and the sad reality that masked balls aren't the scene anymore. Humph.

  Here are a few masks that have always succeeded in getting this 'ol gal to smile. Masks really do make life just a tad bit more irresistible.

Batman- Oh, yes!

Motorcycle Helmut- Delicious!

Paintballing Mask- Yum!

Predator- Purely awesome!

Knight's Helmut- Yes, please!

Guy Fawkes Mask- Tasty!

Boba Fett- The mask that started it all!

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