Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~ Juicy Character Snippets ~ Winston's Epistle

     For the next couple of days his mother, according to Winston, had become unbearable. Asking constantly about his friend who resides in Chicago.

    It had gotten to the point that Winston no longer entered the house through the front door. In effort to minimize contact, he sneaked through the garage that connected to his basement dwellings. On a couple of occasions Winston, in his mad scurry, knocked various kitsch ornaments off a nearby table and would hear his mother swooping for him. He had to make a hasty retreat.

    In all this sneaking about Winston's health did take a toll. Physically, he was as large as ever, but mentally he was in a state of a blackened fury. His mother's constant badgering did bring some truths that he had ignored for quite some time. Where was his naughty Chicagoan?

    The conclusion had be cemented, he must end his annual lent of not speaking to her and write her an epistle.

    Sitting at his desk he attacked the paper with his favorite Mont Blanc pen. How he hated her, words and analogies could not provoke the passion in which she infuriated him.

    He had to start his letter over twice, using too many adjectives that the soul of the piece lost its effect. Winston ran his fingers through his hair. Worked-up and excited he began humming as he started on another fresh piece of paper.

To Whom:

  The appalling situation I find myself in, is that I have been reduced to writing to you first. The decadent land of which you reside, has swallowed your soul. The warnings of which I voiced were not heeded, and I must now take action. As of right now, I disown you.

You left me no choice in the matter.

Upon arrival of this epistle you will have a fortnight to reply. If none is received, I shall be forced to sacrifice the elfin witch that acts as your talisman. You forced my hand in this.


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