Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life Taste's Better with Cheese

Let's be honest, everything taste's better with cheese. Here are a few irritants that that would go down a whole lot smoother with some cheesy goodness.

• Taxes: If every April 15th came with a free plate of cheese dripping nachos, that would indeed be a day to smile about.

• Quarterly Reviews: Cheese.

• Stepping in Dog Poo: Those new shoes sure looked good a second ago. No worries, some cheese wantons will brighten your day.

• Dentist Appointments: Cheese.

•  Safety and Emissions: Your car doesn't pass? No problem, have a side of chili cheese fries on us.

• Surgery: Cheese.

• Speeding Tickets: Officer Friendly hands you a ticket with a smile. He isn't smiling for ruining your day, he smiles because of the ooey gooey mozzarella cheese sticks you are about to devour.

• Jury Duty: Cheese.

• A Bad Hair Day: I have them, you might have them. . . but I'll tell you what, if I had a blue cheese crumble salad waiting for me I'd be pretty happy about life.

Life is hard enough add some cheese.

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