Friday, August 1, 2014

¦ Creature of the Day ¦ Wendigo

Wendigo- A demonic creature, believed by the Algonquian people, that has physically transformed from a human into a monster by the means of cannibalism.

~ Now for a literary snippet. ~
    Local reports of missing hunters had caused a hush to fall upon the village. School children sing the old songs of men turning into monsters, terrorizing one another. Little did they know, the truth behind those silly rhymes and the hidden danger that is hunting them.
   Deep in the forest, the wendigo clawed out of its dark cave. Smelling of rotten flesh, the foul creature felt the strength of the freshly consumed victims fill his body. The unquenched hunger for human flesh returned, consuming the monster. He needed more, always more. Breaking into a run he slashed at trees, savagely. Saliva dripped from his sharp teeth, as the craving grew into a maddening frenzy.

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