Friday, August 15, 2014

• Feeding The Monsters Under My Bed •

     When I was a little girl, I had a gaggle of hungry monsters living under my bed. During the night, if I got too hot I had to make the sacrificial decision of which leg to stick out. My left was always the lamb. They could eat my left but I needed my right, I have favorites.

As I got older, the monsters grew restless. A stronger defense was needed. I resorted to my stuffed animals. I created a Buffett line of defense with animals. Smaller ones would be on the outside, while the large ones would be next to my body.

By noshing their way through fluffy my fearless rabbit and monkey, my monkey, the monsters would hopefully would have had their fill and would spare me another night. That was the plan.

Lining both sides of my tiny body with these brave souls, I resembled a hotdog. The lieutenant of the barricade was my right hand bear, Pookie. Giving orders to the smaller furies, to stand strong, Pookie assured me everything was a go. With gratitude in my heart for the fearless dinner animals, I felt safe and secure. My plan was brilliant, my plan was inspired... my plan allowed me to finally get some sleep.

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