Thursday, August 14, 2014

¦ Creature Of The Day ¦ Geryon

Geryon- in Greek mythology, he is often described as a monster with human faces. A monster having three head, six legs, and six arms.

Some Greek descriptions portray him with three bodies joined at the waist, while others describe him with wings.

Apart from these bizarre features, he is a warrior and owned a two-headed dog, which was the brother of Cerberus, and a magnificent herd of red cattle.

As the story goes Hercules fought Geryon in order to obtain his red cattle.

~ Now for a literary snippet. ~
     The battle had been tough and bitter. Fighting a young man with the strength of the gods, Geryon stood with sweaty limbs and defended his cattle.
On a quest to obtain the cattle, Hercules smote bravely at the large monster. How could such a foul creature come into existence?
  The two fought with expert skill. One heavy swing deflected the other, as the metal swords clashed they sent sparks flying into the stifling air. It was all or nothing for the mighty Hercules. Gripping his sword, he shouted his war cry and unleashed a strength no mortal man could posses. . .

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